DNCinPHL Day 2 | Part 2 City Hall to Wells Fargo March

The Black DNC Resistance March left City Hall and headed towards the Wells Fargo Center around 5:30pm. Three vehicles led the march with protesters keeping formation on all lanes of Broad Street. The organizers led chants from the trucks and distributed free water. Police vehicles shut down traffic ahead of the protest, flanked both sides with lines of bicycle police, and followed behind with some cruisers and bicycle police. The protest paused in place a couple times, but I’m not sure if that was due to any delays in shutting down the road, or to let protesters rest.

Just past the Oregon BSL stop protesters heading north from Wells Fargo Center met the southbound BLM Resistance marchers. There were efforts by the organizers to get the north bound group to absorb and hold the line, but if they did comply it didn’t last all the way to the gates. Once at the gates it seemed that one group went to the southernmost gate where Jill Stein spoke briefly. Another group went towards where they thought delegates would be exiting and a northern gate. 

In terms of tension the march seemed anti climactic. Besides a brief incident near the highway bridge wherein a police car backed into someone the police seemed to be observing rather than escalating, as they should be. I didn’t see any arrests at this particular march.

Various protesters were milling about the gated perimeter when I left just before 11pm. You can see photos from the City Hall demonstration here. Philadelphia, PA | 07-26-2016

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