Making Space III | Omaha, NE

Making Space is an annual event hosted by Tbd. - An Omaha Based Dance Collective featuring performance and choreography created by both local and regional artists. Artists involved seek to experiment with the creative process of movement based performance through collaboration, varying thematic elements, and site-specific guidelines within the space. 

The goal of Making Space is to foster an interdisciplinary environment for movement artists to present new work, to encourage dialogue about choreography, and support the growth and appreciation of modern/contemporary dance within the community of Omaha. | 02-18-2017

Standing Rock | Oceti Sakowin Camp | Day 2

One day two of my stay at Oceti Sakowin Camp I witnessed my first direct action. A group of water protectors and veterans marched to the police barricade near the bridge. Heavy snow and winds made it difficult to stay dry or keep debris from getting on the lens. In the veteran area of the camp there seemed to be two factions: one for marching to the bridge and one against it. Ultimately hundreds stood on the road. I left the action after an hour and a half, not knowing how long it would continue into the evening, and needing to return to warmth. Some photos show the camp I was lucky to sleep in, complete with warm yurts supplied by BOLD Nebraska. You can donate to Oceti Sakowin Camp here. | Photos from 12-05-2016

Standing Rock | Oceti Sakowin Camp | Day 1

I arrived at Oceti Sakowin Camp from Omaha, NE very early on the morning of Dec. 4th. I had no idea how eventful the day would be. After a short sleep our group woke at dawn to attend the morning prayer and water ceremony. I dressed poorly and returned to the yurt after to get warmer clothing. This would turnout to be the warmest day in my time at camp, reaching the high 30’s by mid-afternoon. I traveled to a nearby plot of land where BOLD Nebraska had donated supplies for three solar sheds. The sheds were intended to house workers who would be building larger earth lodges nearby. There I met Mekasi and Matthew two Native American folks who were leading construction of the inside of the sheds. Simultaneously 2000+ veterans were arriving at camp. There was a line of cars waiting to enter the camp so when Mekasi, Matthew, and I went back to camp to retrieve the solar panel it took 45+ minutes. We did our best to start insulating and put up plywood panels until the tool batteries died. 

When Mekasi returned he joyfully announced that the Army Corps of Engineers had refused to grant Energy Transfer Partners an easement to drill under Lake Oahe. There was a celebratory air in the camp that I had not expected to see, let alone on my very first day. It didn’t last long as folks quickly began to speculate as to whether or not it would immediately halt construction and drilling. | Photos from 12-04-2016

Oceti Sakowin Camp from a nearby hill

A helicopter flies above Oceti Sakowin Camp

A drone videographer working for Playboy catches their drone

Ross cooking in the yurt

A flare falls above a yurt, in celebration of the Army Corp’s announcement

Fireworks explode in celebration of the Army Corp’s announcment

Anti-Trump March in Philly 11-12-2016

Today’s march had a much different crowd and energy than the one that occurred the day after the election. The protesters were families and small children with dogs in tow amongst people young and old. At Independence Hall an speaker asked the crowd how many were attending their first protest today or since the election of Donald Trump. It sounded like more than half affirmed this to be true. 

Anti-Trump March in Philly 11-08-2016

I put together a montage of mostly cell phone footage I took at the recent Anti-Trump protest the day after the election. The video is set to “There Is A War” by Leonard Cohen, who I’ve been remembering through his music like so many others. 

There will be more content to come from ongoing protests as I and the city voice dissent over the election of a racist, sexist, moronic demagogue.

Angel Olsen and Alex Cameron at Union Transfer

A lot has happened in the last month that i’ve lived here in Philly. I’ve met lots of new friends and have registered more than a thousand voters at my new job. I’m gonna go through the last month’s photos and get the blog up to speed, but in the meantime here are photos from the magical Angel Olsen show last night with opener Alex Cameron. It was so fun to hear songs from My Woman live. Share in my Angel Olsen fandom by viewing the images below. 

Philly Digs

Between attending DNC rallies and seeing some friends who’ve passed through town I haven’t had time to post about my new home in West Philadelphia. 

I’ll be living here working as a field organizer for a climate change advocacy group through November. These are a few photos of the house and of Buffy, a six week old pup hanging out here at the moment. 

Walton Avenue


I’m living on the right

The view from the back roof

DNCinPHL Day 2 | Part 2 City Hall to Wells Fargo March

The Black DNC Resistance March left City Hall and headed towards the Wells Fargo Center around 5:30pm. Three vehicles led the march with protesters keeping formation on all lanes of Broad Street. The organizers led chants from the trucks and distributed free water. Police vehicles shut down traffic ahead of the protest, flanked both sides with lines of bicycle police, and followed behind with some cruisers and bicycle police. The protest paused in place a couple times, but I’m not sure if that was due to any delays in shutting down the road, or to let protesters rest.

Just past the Oregon BSL stop protesters heading north from Wells Fargo Center met the southbound BLM Resistance marchers. There were efforts by the organizers to get the north bound group to absorb and hold the line, but if they did comply it didn’t last all the way to the gates. Once at the gates it seemed that one group went to the southernmost gate where Jill Stein spoke briefly. Another group went towards where they thought delegates would be exiting and a northern gate. 

In terms of tension the march seemed anti climactic. Besides a brief incident near the highway bridge wherein a police car backed into someone the police seemed to be observing rather than escalating, as they should be. I didn’t see any arrests at this particular march.

Various protesters were milling about the gated perimeter when I left just before 11pm. You can see photos from the City Hall demonstration here. Philadelphia, PA | 07-26-2016

DNCinPHL Day 2 | Part 1 City Hall

On Day 2 of the DNC I arrived at City Hall around 3pm. I caught the stragglers from the Bernie or Bust rally being held at Thomas Paine Plaza. People were milling around and a sizable crowd had gathered by 4pm for the Shut Down The DNC rally sponsored by International Action Center and Workers World Party

I was working solo and had a hard time catching the full names of a lot of speakers. I do know that Monica Moorehead, the presidential candidate from the Workers World Party, spoke. Lamont Lilly, who’s running as VP on the WWP ticket, also spoke when he arrived with the BLM march.

A number of speakers took to the soap box at City Hall while protesters waited for the Black DNC Resistance March to arrive. Their march started at 2pm on 15th and Diamond. At one point Geraldo Rivera of Fox News arrived and was greeted with a unanimous “Fuck Fox News!” chant from the crowd. He took on debate with some protestors. One protestor dumped water on Geraldo’s head, prompting him to leave the area. 

The BLM march arrived around 5:30pm and their numbers were much larger than those that had gathered at city hall. A number of speakers addressed the crowd from the back of a pickup truck, including Philadelphia activist Pam Africa.

One portion of the group broke off and began marching towards Wells Fargo Center, I’m not sure if there was simply a miscommunication or if they were just eager to arrive at the DNC. I stayed with the BLM organizers and the larger mass that stayed and listened to more speakers. Eventually the march was underway and the protestors would make the 3.7 mile journey down Broad street to the Wells Fargo Center. 

Photos from the march will be in a gallery in Part 2 of DNCinPHL Day 2. Philadelphia, PA | 07-26-2016

DNCinPHL Day 1

Today was my first day in Philadelphia in my life. I’ll be living in Philly through November. I got in from NYC in the late afternoon, and after settling in my new room I made my way towards the DNC. The main event I knew of via the DNC Action Committee’s The People’s Guide was a Jill Stein rally featuring Cornel West, Immortal Technique and others. The event was taking place at FDR Park which is near the Wells Fargo Center where the DNC is being held. 

I arrived via the Broad Street Line. The AT&T subway station next to the Wells Fargo Center was reserved for credentialed DNC attendees, which meant all the demonstrators had to walk 15 minutes from the Oregon station. Not a big deal at first, but this turned out to be a total bummer when a torrential downpour occurred. 

Jill Stein’s camp elected to evacuate and cut their rally short once the storm rolled in. It seemed like 700 - 900 where in attendance before the rain started If I had to guess. These photos capture the small portion of the event I made it to as well as some shots on the way back to the Oregon stop, including a run in with Vermin Supreme

I’m going back out tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather. Philadelphia, PA | 07-25-2016

Panorama Festival

By the third and final day of Panorama Festival 2016 I was pretty wiped out. I was determined to sneak my camera into the fest to keep from being bored since I was attending by myself. At the first gate I was promptly rejected. I put my detached lens in my satchel and hid my small A7r body in the rear pocket that security wouldn’t check. If I got denied, It would be a three hour round trip commute to my host’s place to stash the camera. I walked twenty minutes to the second gate and with luck was admitted. 

I only stayed for Run the Jewels and Sia before I was just tired of being there after two full days of shows leading up to Sunday. These are a few snaps I managed to get before I bailed. New York City, NY | 07-24-2016

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