DNCinPHL Day 2 | Part 1 City Hall

On Day 2 of the DNC I arrived at City Hall around 3pm. I caught the stragglers from the Bernie or Bust rally being held at Thomas Paine Plaza. People were milling around and a sizable crowd had gathered by 4pm for the Shut Down The DNC rally sponsored by International Action Center and Workers World Party

I was working solo and had a hard time catching the full names of a lot of speakers. I do know that Monica Moorehead, the presidential candidate from the Workers World Party, spoke. Lamont Lilly, who’s running as VP on the WWP ticket, also spoke when he arrived with the BLM march.

A number of speakers took to the soap box at City Hall while protesters waited for the Black DNC Resistance March to arrive. Their march started at 2pm on 15th and Diamond. At one point Geraldo Rivera of Fox News arrived and was greeted with a unanimous “Fuck Fox News!” chant from the crowd. He took on debate with some protestors. One protestor dumped water on Geraldo’s head, prompting him to leave the area. 

The BLM march arrived around 5:30pm and their numbers were much larger than those that had gathered at city hall. A number of speakers addressed the crowd from the back of a pickup truck, including Philadelphia activist Pam Africa.

One portion of the group broke off and began marching towards Wells Fargo Center, I’m not sure if there was simply a miscommunication or if they were just eager to arrive at the DNC. I stayed with the BLM organizers and the larger mass that stayed and listened to more speakers. Eventually the march was underway and the protestors would make the 3.7 mile journey down Broad street to the Wells Fargo Center. 

Photos from the march will be in a gallery in Part 2 of DNCinPHL Day 2. Philadelphia, PA | 07-26-2016

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